Angela Schaefers “Stories Matter. Yours. Mine. Theirs.”Angela SchaefersStories Matter. Yours. Mine. Theirs. – Read stirring stories of everyday heroes that leave a lasting impression on our lives shared by speaker, writer and producer and host of Your Story Matters show Angeles Schaefers. Our own story and others are filled with encouraging and inspiring messages that are empowering. Our stories matter, we matter!

Darity Wesley - EconomyDarity WesleyBusiness…From the Heart – No matter what it is you do for a living, whether you work for yourself, for someone else, or are working in the home, when you want to do things right, when you want to take the high road and succeed at it, you will want to do business, including household business, from the heart.  Women have reached a shifting point where we are finally beginning to take our rightful places in the world.  After many years of seeking, Darity Wesley, founder of the Lotus Law Center in San Diego and a nationally sought after business lawyer, consultant, author and speaker, knows how to do business from the heart.  She provides business coaching from a legal perspective and focuses on social media, Internet, privacy and technology law, and basic business law and strategy.  Her firm practices “A New Kind of Law…™” which provides a new approach to the law through collaboration, cooperation and communication.  “Business…From the Heart” will support you along the way as we discover and explore what that means in your business dealings with others.

Deborah WestinMile 17… Getting to the Finish Line – We all set goals for ourselves whether we realize that’s what we are doing or not.  Do you look around your house and think, “I’m going to declutter my closet and give what I don’t wear anymore to charity… come this spring.”  Or, do you have a burning desire to go back to school and finish your undergraduate degree or even finally get that advanced degree you have been telling yourself you will for years?  Sometimes, with life handing us set-backs, disappointments, a failed relationship, or just hard knocks, our finish line is simply to get through the month, the week, or the day.  Have you ever wanted to just sit, cry, and secretly hope someone would come along to carry you the rest of the way?  Has life sometimes seemed like you are running a 26 mile marathon and you are at mile 17 and just want to give in to the pain and exhaustion?  Deborah Westin, Ph.D. wants to inspire you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals whatever they may be.  With wit and wisdom, she will share the insights from her own life experiences to pick you up and help you get to the finish line from Mile 17.  Let’s focus on goal setting, faith in ourselves, support, transformation, and moving forward.

Donna Highfill - ImpactDonna HighfillPower Up! Facing Truths Laughing – Life can be wonderfully difficult at times. Sometimes, moving forward requires momentum, determination, and an ability to laugh… a lot. Donna Highfill spent 15 years in Organizational Change, training, and sales leadership roles. Thirteen years ago, she left security and created a successful change consulting business. Her commitment is to help women face challenging situations armed with confidence, energy and a simple strategy to come out the other side. Follow Donna as she writes about everything from sagging confidence to breastfeeding the wrong baby.  Her promise to you is to combine energy with practical actions so you can get unstuck and Power Up! She addresses simple truths and helps us move forward… laughing all the way.

Limor Tintweiss - ImpactDr. Limor Tintweiss#SuperWoman & #WonderWoman Rolled into One – Do you feel your role as a woman is to be Super Woman, but you’d secretly rather be Wonder Woman?  “Of course,” you might say, but at what cost?  Society and most likely your upbringing has conditioned you, as a woman, to think you are supposed to take care of everything and everyone.  But, what about your own needs, dreams, and goals?  Do you define yourself first as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, or maybe even all of these roles?  In doing so, a woman tends to put her needs and goals on hold until “the time is right,” and that time either never comes, or when it comes, the feeling can be, “it’s too late.”  Well, let Limor enlighten you by showing you the “right time is now,” and “it’s never too late.”  As a psychologist with over 20 years experience, Limor has dealt with all kinds of women including those who lose themselves completely by living their lives only fulfilling roles and those who have fulfilled these roles well while taking good care of their own needs and goals, whether professional or personal.  What does it mean to take care of your needs and goals?  How are you supposed to do that?  Limor will help you not only understand how, but actually do it and become a woman of wonder!

Mary Sutton - EconomyMary L. SuttonHitting the Reset Button – We are in the second decade of the 21st century, but are women still living in an unbalanced man’s world personally and professionally?  Are power-plays, power balances, and power equality still fairly elusive for the professional women at work and at home?  Can women really have it all?  Do all women want it all?  Does having children and being married after you have succeeded in the professional world bring a different dynamic to a marriage?  Executive Mary Sutton shares her probe into balancing the personal and the professional…and being happy with it even if it means “Hitting the Reset Button” might be needed at times.

Rebecca Lacy - Impact column box jan 2014Rebecca LacyExtraordinary Ordinary Women – Do you have a dream you just haven’t been able to accomplish yet? Perhaps it is to go back to school or start a business. Maybe you’ve always wanted to act, or paint or teach. Whatever it is, dreams are wonderful things that deserve an opportunity to come to life. Rebecca Lacy, leadership coach and burgeoning novelist, invites you to explore the doubts, fears and other obstacles that tend to get in the way of living out our dreams. Along the way you will meet extraordinary, ordinary women who are pursuing their dreams in spite of the obstacles. All of these women are ‘just folks’ as they say. You see them at work or at church. They may play on your softball team or teach your kids. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t, but they keep trying. That is why their stories just might be the inspiration you need to achieve your dream.

Sara Canuso - ImpactSara CanusoWomen that Influence – Would you like to learn a life-changing program of “Influence to Income” to create more income and opportunity?  Dynamic and prominent in her field, Sara Canuso, President of Women that Influence, shares her expert advice on how the impact of power and influence plays a major role in achieving a higher level of success, income, freedom and happiness.  Learn the skills, insights and resources and add your own secret sauce to claim the life you were meant to enjoy.  Sara’s down-to-earth wisdom is for any woman, or man, looking to more fully understand the influence factor and what it can change for them.

Shirley T Burke - Impact r1Shirley T. BurkeShirley T. – Keepin’ it Real – Do you have a sister, a mom, a grandmother, or a friend who always seems to tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you may want to hear, simply because they believe a dose of reality when needed will help you move forward in your life?  Shirley T. Burke is the owner of The Esteem Institute, a confidence workout for women, and she is a popular national motivational speaker.  She is a self-esteem enhancer and a professional encourager teaching women to feel better in their business suit as well as their birthday suit.  Join Shirley T. as she helps us transform inspiration into reality by pushing “follow through buttons” with honesty, love, inspiration and humor.  She says what needs to be said to make us think, realize we can succeed, and let go of the crazy….all in her signature keepin’ it real style!

Stacey Rowcliffe - ImpactStacey RowcliffeFemale Fusion – No matter what mountain we climb, no matter what glass ceiling we break through, until we learn to believe in self, support each other and maintain a faith in something bigger; we will fail to reach our full potential.  Ladies, it’s not about competing with the boys…it’s about tearing down those negative walls among each other and replacing them with bridges of acceptance, support, hope and love.  After all, we are all just Different Flowers from the Same Garden!  This column seeks to inspire growth and change in females of all generations, cultures and backgrounds – showing us how to be the fabulous females we were all meant to be in support of each other.

Suzanne Potts - ImpactSuzanne PottsHow to be Assertive – Being Strong in Every Situation – Do you equate being assertive with being bossy or bitchy or a negative cliché of feminism?  You might be surprised to know many women do, and they may be settling for less than they desire and deserve in many aspects of life not wanting to be seen as aggressive, mean or masculine.  Successful British author, speaker and assertiveness coach Suzanne Potts dispels the myth being assertive means being a negative stereotype.  She guides us through giving ourselves permission to be strong, coming from a positive place, in every situation from dealing with aggressive coworkers and getting a pay raise at work to dealing with abusive relationships and choosing healthy ones in life.  Suzanne shows us how to be assertive as a woman and present ourselves as fair and strong but not as a man.

Dr Sylvia Lafair - ImpactDr. Sylvia LafairGUTSY Women Lead – It’s good to be GUTSY! For some it’s easy. Do you speak out, take risks, and lead change? Or, do you need a nudge to exude confidence, be playful, and tell the truth. Start your journey to GUTSY by untying the knots of ‘cannot, am not, or should not.’ Dr. Sylvia Lafair knows these knots stand in your way of personal and professional power. Learn to be smarter and faster in making decisions and solving problems with her OUT Technique™: Observe your behavior patterns and they automatically lose their hold on you; Understand where they started and they fade into the background; Transform them to their positive opposites and watch the magic happen. Dr. Sylvia’s research and amazing adventures will help you learn to live a life filled with innovation, creativity, and freedom to express yourself in your own unique way. Now is the time… now is your time.