Young Politics May 2015Arianna Mendez, Paul Bremmer, Nana Osei, Josh Lim, Danielle Secor#YoungPolitics – It seems like just about everything has a bit of politics interjected into it in today’s world.  This may be due to all of the major challenges facing the U.S. like deficit spending year after year, a huge national debt, a low economic growth rate, a prolonged high unemployment rate, a conflicted national security and foreign policy, a growing income inequality, and an illegal immigration crisis looming.  It’s enough to make your head spin trying to get your mind around it all.  Yet, America has survived and met challenges before in its history.  The next generation always inherits the good and the bad.  In this position is the millennials currently.  Many politicians and pundits all too often portray the millennials with identity politics, an automatic voting block for a particular party, and defined by one or two issues they decide are the most important to anyone under 30.  But what if we just asked #YoungPolitics and simply listened to them?  What myths would be shattered?  What workable, creative solutions would be proposed by them?  Follow these young men and women each month as they express their opinions on current topics, without being put into an identity politics box.  After all, they will be the leaders of tomorrow, if not today, in moving America forward!

Alison Jarris - PoliticsAlison JarrisView from the Left – This column offers a change from the traditional journalistic convention of instigating blind partisan aggression and explores the new road to political progress. Having seen from current and previous lawmakers the importance of compromise, Alison Jarris presents a moderate view with a liberal swing and the ultimate objective to encourage collaborative politics in congress, media and the individual. Alison is a federal consultant living in Washington, D.C. with a passion for travel and an interest in politics, health and journalism.

Ann Sullivan - PoliticsAnn SullivanWashington Watch – Take a break from partisan media chatter and read a nonpartisan perspective from the nation’s capital.  Ann Sullivan, a trusted source of information and strategy based in Washington, DC, shares her thoughts on important economic policies affecting women.  Utilizing her many years of government relations experience with Congress, Ann serves as Women Impacting Public Policy’s chief advocate in DC.  WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization advocating on behalf of its coalition of 4.7 Million businesswomen including 75 business organizations.  (Women’s Voices Magazine is a WIPP coalition partner.)  Join Ann as she details the policy news and analysis you need to know.

Arianna Mendez - PoliticsArianna MendezA Conservative, Hispanic, Millennial… Do those Exist? – According to the current pundits and political class, Hispanics and millennials are a demographic Conservatives, Republicans, may as well forget about bringing in.  But, Arianna Mendez is living proof conservative, Hispanic millennials do exist.  She believes in the principles of limited government, fiscal conservatism, individual freedom, and strong foreign policy that inspire faith in our allies and commands respect from our enemies.  Like many millennials, she is socially more liberal.  She believes marriage equality actually strengths marriage as an institution.  She supports immigration reform that strengths border security, deports criminals, reforms the visa system, and provides a pathway to citizenship.  Arianna’s brand of conservatism is not your grandfather’s brand.  So, get ready for a different perspective that breaks stereotypes and waves the banner of 21st century conservatism.  Read along as she gives her contemporary views that just may transform the Hispanic stereotype.  The smart GOP political class will take note of this up-and-coming political voice for the new generation of conservative leaders.

Arthur Glover - PoliticsDr. Arthur D. Glover, LCDR, USN (Ret)Viewpoint… Politics & Life in General – After 23 years of military service and living the Washington, DC area for the past 15 years Art has developed his own independent view on life, politics, and everything in between. Expect to see some serious as well as humorous opinions in this monthly column.

Emily Kelley - PoliticsEmily KelleyThe Conservative Scoop – Get the conservative lowdown on what’s happening now in politics, and why it matters, especially to young voters. #TheScoop gives you a quick snapshot of attention-worthy movement in Washington and is followed by a #WhyThisMatter segment for an explanation of reasons you should care. Get your monthly dose of politics and policy in one detailed but quick summary.

Kelsey Budd - PoliticsKelsey BuddView from the Right – Living in an era of political gridlock, the average American strives to find their voice and impact. As a free-thinking nation, it is imperative we work together to promote the American dream for all. Kelsey Budd graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2011, and she works as a strategic communications consultant currently serving the federal health sector. Presenting opinion from the center-right, Kelsey takes a no-nonsense approach at breaking down the most contentious issues and will take an in-depth look at the topics that drive political discourse.

Alison and Kelsey - PoliticsKelsey Budd & Alison JarrisCompromise Is Not a Dirty Word – Blue versus Red.  Liberal versus Conservative.  Urban versus Rural.  Democrats versus Republicans.  Does the American public win, or do only politicians win, if the deep divide and severe polarization in American politics does not allow compromise?  Democracy only works well when a consensus can be built.  Hyper partisanship and a “no compromise” position on either side does not allow problems to be resolved and the country to move forward.  Can a consensus ever be built if leadership only demonizes each other, plays one-upsmanship games, and misrepresents facts and people for political gain?  In a word – No.  Kelsey Budd and Alison Jarris come together on this month’s topic to present a possible compromise position.  If they can do it, why not Washington?

Moey Fox - PoliticsMoey Fox The Liberal Scoop – Get the liberal lowdown on what’s happening now in politics, and why it matters, especially to young voters. #TheScoop gives you a quick snapshot of attention-worthy movement in Washington and is followed by a #WhyThisMatter segment for an explanation of reasons you should care. Get your monthly dose of politics and policy in one detailed but quick summary.

Reina Howard - ImpactReina HowardAn Immigrant Woman’s Voice – Listen to a voice who speaks not only to immigrant women but to all women about impactful issues we face in our lives as individuals and as citizens of this great nation. Reina Howard was born in El Salvador to an American father and Salvadoran mother. She came from El Salvador in the late 1980s during a time of severe political turmoil and attacks from the Communists guerrillas on the population and financial targets that were devastating to the economy.   Join in Reina’s passion in discussing and learning the views of women of different backgrounds concerning our present and future. She is unafraid of political correctness and says what she feels women need to hear coming from a background that lived it. Reina is living her American Dream as she finishes her Masters degree in professional counseling and is working with children and adolescents who have behavioral problems.

Around the Dinner Table - PoliticsAnna, Linda, Brenda, Eva, Sarah, Kelly, TuesdayAround the Dinner Table – 7 Women, 2 Generations, 2 Democrats/2 Independents/3 Republicans, 7 Different Life Experiences…all in the same family.  It seems Americans are more polarized then ever politically with many different views even in the immediate family.  This family’s women reflect you can agree or disagree and still be a valuable member of the American family…and your own.