Alonda London - SoulAlonda LondonThe Power to Heal Your Soul – Have you had pain in your life and have the emotional or physical scars to prove it? So many women do. Our life’s experiences makes us who we are, and all women are beautiful and worthy no matter their journey. Often times when other women share how they were able to survive and then thrive, after the worst of circumstances, it is an inspiration and strength to all women, no matter their specific, current or past struggles. You do have within “The Power to Heal Your Soul.”  Each month Alonda will provide a platform for empowerment, encouragement and inspirational stories to compel you to move from adversity to life affirming ascendancy as “WE” share our compelling, transforming accounts of our personal Trials to Triumphs, Pain to Purpose and Healing to Wholeness.

Kat Kanavos - SoulKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos Access Your Inner Guide – Did you have a déjà-vu or did your dream come true? Kat believes dreams can diagnose and guide your life. Your dreams are the telephone lines by which your ET (Eternal Teacher) phones home for Inner-guidance during times of crisis or soul-searching. Someone always answers the call. How can they help you? Meet the people who dreamed of the ’08 Wall Street crash and pulled their money out of the money market in time to save their fortune. Listen to patients who learned of their illness in their dreams and then had those dreams validated by medical reports. Discover people who met the love-of-their-life in their dreams. How can you live your dreams? This multi-media column includes videos, and radio interviews that focus on connecting you with your Inner-guide through dreams, prayers and meditation for success and peace of mind in health, wealth and love.

Kristin Rader - SoulKristin RaderFrom Dream to Reality – Everyone has a dream… a deep desire that consumes every thought, every motive, and every action. No matter how big or small your passion might be, it’s the very thing that makes you a unique individual. Is there a dream you’ve had since childhood? Have you wholeheartedly decided to pursue it no matter the cost? Are you willing to pursue your dream and fulfill the necessary steps to make your dream a reality?

Kristin Rader is known as a dreamer, and she made the decision to fulfill her calling. She will take you through her journey of success and share her deepest thoughts, struggles, passions, and goals. Come along with Kristin, a Contemporary Christian Artist from Cleveland, Tennessee as she goes from her dream to reality. Be inspired to reach for your dreams too, for Kristin knows you can accomplish them!

Layne Dalfen - SoulLayne DalfenHave a Great Dream: Problem Solving by Dream Decoding – Have you ever had a beautiful or strange dream and wondered, “What the heck was that about?”  Perhaps you felt the dream was trying to tell you something.  Founder of The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal, Layne Dalfen teaches a step by step, easy to understand and down to earth method on how to decode those strange images that come to us at night in her five-step process in her videos.  A published author, she is a nationally recognized radio and television dream expert.  She wants us to “Have a Great Dream” and to problem solve by dream decoding.  Layne focuses in on recognizing what a solution looks like when it comes in the form of a metaphor.  What do our nighttime dreams have to offer us?  Discover how to use your dreams to help you problem-solve current issues in your life.  Your sophisticated sub-conscious gives you suggestions and solutions to the current problem that’s bugging you.  It is yours for the taking, every single morning.

Linda Strausser - SoulLinda StrausserLife Lessons with Linda: Numerology – Numerology is a relationship between numbers and the everyday life path of a person.  Numerology can give you insight into current and future predictions of love, hopes, career, family and most important desires.  Your given birth name and birthday are no accident!  Have you ever noticed reoccurring numbers in your life?  Do you have a favorite or lucky number?  Accredited numerologist Linda Strausser will show you the clear and delicate balance between your charted numbers and life’s journey.  She details the number of each month and its messages and practical ways to utilize these messages.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins - SoulLynnis Woods-MullinsWellness Women… The Interview – Have you ever been watching TV, seen a commercial for an anti-depression drug, and thought you could use that right about now?  Are you tired, bored, feeling overweight, or have little energy, and you’d like the inspiration to change it?  Lynnis Woods-Mullins is Founder and CEO of PraiseWorks Health & Wellness, and her mission is to educate women on the importance of achieving total wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.  She helps women to develop healthier habits, stress/anxiety reduction, and weight loss.  Join Lynnis for inspirational interviews with women who have overcome chronic disease, emotional illness, traumatic experiences, and other challenges that have caused them to stop, reevaluate their life, and to embark on a journey to wellness… and a happier, more energetic life.

mary-clouse-soulMary ClouseTails of Life: Conversations with the Animals – Ever wonder what your pet might have to say?  Lots!  Everything from past experiences, health issues to what he/she thinks of the new food….and new fellow in your life.  Professional animal communicator Mary Marshall explores the world of animal thought, feelings and experiences.

Mary Occhino - SoulMary OcchinoCount Your Blessings – When one is going through challenges in life – the loss of a loved one, economic instability, difficult relationships, or other hardships – we must never forget how to count the blessings we have already received from God or the Universe and live in the present with humility and gratefulness.  Mary Occhino, a leading psychic-intuitive for over 40 years, shares her personal understanding coming from being diagnosed in 1992 with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis as well as insights from her experience of working with people who seek her out with questions about their future, past life, relationships, business, medical intuition, and last but far from least… mediumship, which is requests to communicate with someone who has passed over to the non-physical domain.  Mary knows firsthand we must all Count… Your, Mine, and Our Blessings every day!

Sue Rosen - SoulSue RosenI Believe in Miracles. Do You? “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” – Audrey Hepburn

I love that quote, but what is a miracle?  Have you ever experienced a miracle?  Do you believe in synchronicity, or that everything happens for a reason or that there are no coincidences?  What exactly is a miracle? Well, it’s a surprising and welcome event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.  It is considered to be divine.  It is a marvel!  It is a wonder!  Join Sue Rosen in exploring the mystical beauty of miracles.